What are the benefits?

Increase Footfall

Customers will visit your venue after purchasing an offer. All offers are completely bespoke to your preferences and easy to setup using your online logins.

Guaranteed Payment

All offers purchased are paid for on the customer's smartphone. This payment is guaranteed whether the customer chooses to redeem their offer or not.

Cost Effective Marketing

QTAP only charge a flat 10% fee on any offers purchased. There is no cost to add, edit or remove offers on the system and no monthly fees or hidden charges.

Publish Offers Instantly

Setting up and publishing your special offers is easy and instant! Once you're happy with your offer, simply click 'Go Live' on your dashboard, its that easy.

Your newly created special offer will be available instantly to all QTAP users across the UK.

Your dashboard logins have access to your full order and purchase history, billing and charges and redeeming offer tools.

Enable Full Menu Ordering

Increase Revenues

All orders are securely paid for when the order is placed, you keep 100% of the order value and even better...

Lower Staffing Costs

On average, a bar tender spends 3 minutes serving each customer. With QTap, that halves! You also receive a clear paper trail of every order to reduce the chances of human error.

Customer Satisfaction

No more queueing for customers, meaning your customers can enjoy the reasons they came to your venue in the first place! Not standing around waiting to be served.

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A staggering 3 out of 4 people will lose their patience whilst waiting to be served at a bar and at least 1 of those people will decide to leave.


It's clear that consumers demand convenience, and QTAP offers this beyond any other service method within the industry. It allows the customer who is paying for their well-deserved glass of wine after work to do that faster than ever before, whilst helping to cut queues at peak times.


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We supply all of the tools and technology you will need to operate QTap in your venue.

Your QTAP tablet includes...

  • Receive orders in real time
  • Accept, Decline and Complete customer orders
  • Send customers update notifications at every step
  • Bluetooth receipt printer included

Your QTAP admin panel includes:

  • Full control over menus and settings
  • Open/Close your menu in real time
  • View full order history and access to reports
  • Multi-restaurant feature

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