No Setup Fee. No Monthly Fee.

Increase Footfall

Customers regularly book tables and forget to cancel. Simply by putting a small deposit on table bookings it reduces this from happening dramatically, which in return increases your footfall.

Guaranteed Payment

Whether the customer turns up or not to the booking, QTap passes the full deposit value to the venue every time. How often have you been out of pocket due to a no show?

Cost Effective

Table bookings is an optional add-on to your QTap platform. QTap charges a flat 25p per head fee on all tables reserved via the platform, just one no show could lose you a £200 bar tab for that time slot.


Adding your tables to our platform couldn’t be quicker or easier to do! Once you’ve created the table simply hit available and wait for the bookings to come flooding in. Your table will be available instantly to all QTap users across the UK.

Once the customer has reserved the table their QTap account will be credited with the deposit funds to spend during the booking.

Your dashboard logins have access to a full booking history allowing you to manage refunds, no shows and printing run sheets for the day.


Increase Revenues

With features such as the re-order button or even the special offers highlight. We make it as easy as possible to encourage the user to spend more whilst in your venue.

Lower Staffing Costs

On average, a server spends 3 minutes serving each customer. With QTap that halves! You also get a clear paper copy of their order which reduces the chances of human error.

Customer Satisfaction

No more queueing, no more waiting for menus, no more waiting to be served. These 3 simple points allows your customer to enjoy the reasons they came to your venue in the first place.


It's clear that consumers demand convenience, and QTap offers this beyond any other service method within the industry. QTap allows the customer to view your menu and place a contact free order using their own smartphones. Following Covid customers are seeking reassurance when eating and drinking out.


What’s better is that you will get the WHOLE QTap ordering system with no monthly or setup fees. All you’ll pay is our merchant rate per transaction (3.5%) on ALL card types.


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The QTap receiver app will run off any Android device, meaning you can start excepting orders in literally minutes!

  • Receive orders in real time
  • Accept, Decline and Complete customer orders
  • Send customers update notifications at every step
  • Optional Bluetooth printer to print checks

Your QTap admin panel includes:

  • Full control over live menu and settings
  • Full control over live tables and settings
  • See all orders in your admin
  • Wet/Dry split reports
  • PLU Reports
  • Action Refunds

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