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The safe and reliable app for pubs and restaurants

  • More customers and fewer no shows
  • Bigger order values and faster turnaround
  • Ultimate in convenience and safety

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Give your customers and staff a safer experience with our contactless table booking and ordering app. Your customers can reserve tables and place orders from their phones. Your staff can process and manage orders and predict venue occupancy from any android device.


Well established and rigorously tested, the QTap platform is hosted on state-of-the-art Amazon Web Servers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you can rest assured that QTap won’t let you down.


Not only can you significantly reduce your staffing costs with our app, but your customers will also spend more at your venue.


With its intuitive interface your staff will be able to start managing bookings and processing orders almost immediately. The QTap support team are always on-hand to help should any guidance ever be needed.

What Our Customers Think

"Having worked with QTap since the end of August 2020 and I have to say I would fully endorse the QTap App. Not just for the very Ronseal way the app works, which makes the customer experience as simple as possible, in a very clever way I must add. I have to say on any issue we have had, the professionalism has been great and had a very personal feel. Nice not to be just an account number. I am very pleased to be in partnership with them during these very diffcult times."

Stuart McNaught - General Manager, The Purple Turtle - Reading

"I have worked with QTap since re-opening after lockdown. Excellent Customer care, with a genuine concern for the business. An easy-to-use system with a simple back office. I left as my till system offered an integrated option, this lasted for a week before I went back to QTap who were as helpful as the first time I joined. Changing items, amazingly easy, larger menus etc I just fire it across on an excel for the guys to sort."

Andy Rogers - Bar Owner, The Redan - Wokingham

"I just wanted to send a quick appraisal for the QTap App we use at The Cricketers Pub. It's super easy to use and saves on staffing costs massively in busy periods when everyone wants serving at once. The staff behind the scenes are so efficient and helpful to answer any questions and maximise the app to work for your business. I would highly recommend QTap for customer satisfaction & quality of service it supplies."

Simon - Pub Manager, The Cricketers – Hartley Whitney

"QTap was an excellent choice for us when we were looking for an order at table solution. The app is incredibly easy for both the venue and customers to use. Having QTap both reduced our staff costs and increased revenue. We have also adopted QTap for room service, increasing efficiency and sales. Highly recommended!"

Richard Marrett – General Manager – St. Michael’s Manor

Make the ‘new normal’ the ‘new special’ for venues

In a post-pandemic world, venues are being challenged to innovate, adapt and find safer ways to serve and manage their customers. Through our app, we are leading the response to this industry push. Venues that have already embraced the ‘new normal’ with QTap are enjoying increased footfall, higher customer retention rates and lower staff overheads.

41% Increase in spend per customer
70% Reduction in staff time serving customers
£45k In non-refundable deposits
£1.4m In customer orders from over 115,000 transactions

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Reduce your overheads and eliminate no shows today
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Increase Revenue

When your business is listed in QTap, it can be seen by customers who already have the app, even if they’ve never visited your venue before. Here’s some more great ways QTap can help you increase revenue:

  • Increase order values by promoting add-ons, sides and premium offerings
  • Speed up turnarounds with real-time ordering and payment
  • Cross-sell and upsell with promotions that can target customers within your local area, only in-venue, or even just your most loyal or biggest spending customers
Convenience & Safety

QTap customers enjoy the ultimate in convenience and safety. In today’s “new normal” world, with everyone conscious of Covid-19 and the potential for new waves, our table ordering app makes your customers feel safer while at your venue.

The platform greatly reduces the need for staff to interface closely with customers, making your staff feel safer at work.

Total Visibility & Control

The QTap receiver app will run off any Android device, meaning you can start accepting orders in minutes. Here’s what you’ll benefit from:

  • Real-time orders and payments
  • Accept, decline and complete customer orders
  • Send customers order update notifications at every step
  • Full visibility of all orders and booking history
  • Have total control over menus, tables and settings
  • Wet/Dry split reports
  • PLU reports
  • Easy invoicing, refund and no-show management

Table Booking

Not only can your customer’s order food and drink to their table, but with the QTap app they can also reserve tables in your venue before they arrive.

Adding and managing table bookings within the platform can be done in just a few clicks.

When customers book a table before arrival, they pay a deposit which they can spend as credit once they’ve arrived at your venue. This dramatically decreases no shows and helps you reliably predict trade ahead of time.


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    Will all food and drink go the same receiver?

    Yes! However, if you have a large venue with more than one receiver tablet, QTap can split food and drink across any number of receivers and ensure that your staff have full control over what orders they see and which ones apply to them!

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    How will I inform customers on their order status?

    QTap automatically sends notifications to your customers informing them of how long your orders will take for them to arrive, or to collect. This helps you manage your customers expectations, increasing your efficiency.

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    What hardware do we need?

    All you need to get started is an Android tablet, and a thermal bluetooth printer! QTap offer an optional set-up of £199 to include everything you will need. This £199 is refunded in full once you reach 1,000 transactions through the app.

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    How long does it take to set up?

    Set up can be done in up to 48 hours. This includes full menu building, and training on the back-office system including guides on reporting, opening times, service charges etc.

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    How will we be recognised and found on the app?

    You will have you very own area on our app fully branded with your choice of logo or picture of your venue, we use location settings so customers will find you based on distance from your venue. We also have a search function so customers can easily find you.

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    Do you have a QR code?

    Yes. We provide as many QR code stickers as required, free of charge. This will help all your customers download and use the app at your venue.

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    Can I add a service charge?

    Yes! Your account manager will show you how to do this when setting up your account. This can be changed at any time.

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    What support is there from QTap?

    Customer service is extremely important to us. When you choose QTap, you will receive dedicated account management and technical support at no additional cost.

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    Is there a contract?

    No! You can use QTap as and when you please. Simply open the app when you want to use it, and close when you don’t.

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    Do I get a receipt when I print my order?

    A receipt can be automatically printed when you receive your orders, it is your choice! You will not need to re-input any orders into any other system when using QTap to generate a receipt.

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    Can I send food items to the kitchen and drinks to the bar?

    You can! You can choose what items get sent to the bar and the kitchen in your back office by simply ticking a box. It's is simple as that!

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    Can I integrate into my EPOS System?

    We are working on integration into EPOS NOW which will be completed before July 2021!

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